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Details On-the-Edge-of-the-Law-Culture-Labor-and-Deviance-on-the-South-Texas-Border

On the Edge of the Law The Valley of South Texas is a region of puzzling contradictions, but the Valley typically experiences high unemployment and low per capita income. This book clarifies why Valley culture presents so many apparent contradictions ...

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Details Texas-Mother-Goose

Texas Mother Goose "David Davis's poetry charms children and adult readers." --Joyce Dixon, Southern Scribe Reviews Classic Mother Goose tales are retold with a Texas twist by the author of Truckeris Night Before Christmas and Ten Redneck Babies. This ...

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Details A-Wasp-in-the-Fig-Tree

Cattle brought most of the gringos to South Texas, but oil gave them a glimpse of wealth and power. Despite their light skin, the Parr men, patróns of South Texas, spoke Spanish as their first language. Like the cactus and barbed wire, the ...

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Details Barely-Bewitched-A-Southern-Witch-Novel-Band-2

Barely Bewitched Welcome to Duvall, Texas, where new witch Tammy Jo Trask has just unleashed an accidental Armageddon, in this tale of paranormal romance. Full description

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Details Aaimon

Beflügelt vom Erfolg Ihres South By Soutwest Music Festival Auftritts in Austin, Texas 2012, veröffentlichen AAIMON ihren ersten Longplayer. Das Album ist atmosphärisch weniger dicht als das bisher geschaffene und eher gerichtet auf Ästhetik und ...

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Details James-Butler-Bonham

One of the many legendary heroes of the fight for Texas Independence, James Butler Bonham was a lawyer by profession who grew up in South Carolina. He left his law practice and turned to a stint in the military as captain of a Charleston, S.C ...

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Details Plant-World-Seeds-Habranthus-Tubispathus-Var-Texensis-Seeds

This is the Texas variation of its delightful yellow South American cousin and is larger in all of its parts. Flowers usually appear before the foliage appears in early summer and bloom intermittently into the autumn and this species will thrive on ...